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How to get your children to practice. A few ideas

Here are a few examples of games that can be incorporated into music practice sessions for children:

  • Rhythm matching game: Write or print out different rhythms on cards, and have the child match them to recordings or metronome beats.

  • Pitch matching game: Play different notes on an instrument or keyboard and have the child try to match the pitches using their own instrument or by singing.

  • Scavenger hunt: Write or print out the names of different notes or chords and hide them around the practice space. Have the child find them and play or sing them on their instrument.

  • Sight-reading race: Give the child a piece of sheet music and set a timer. Have them try to sight-read as much of the piece as they can before the timer goes off.

  • Musical memory game: Play short snippets of songs or pieces and have the child try to remember as much of them as possible. Then play the snippets again and have the child try to identify them.

  • Music bingo: Create a bingo board with different notes, chords, or rhythms, and have the child play or sing them on their instrument as you call them out.

  • Music charades: Write or print out different musical concepts or terms, such as "dynamics" or "tempo," and have the child act them out while you try to guess.

  • Music story: Have the child create a story using notes, chords or rhythms, and then have them play or sing the story on their instrument.

  • Rhythm relays: Divide the room into two teams, and have each team take turns clapping or playing a rhythm on their instrument. The team that completes the rhythm correctly first, wins.

  • Music Simon says: Similar to the classic game, but instead of saying "Simon says," give musical instructions such as "play a C chord" or "sing a high note".

These games can be adapted to different instruments and skill levels, and can help make practice sessions more engaging and fun for children. It's important to remember that the main goal is to keep the practice sessions enjoyable and to make the learning process more interactive.

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